Thursday, November 22, 2012

When I first saw these photographs, I thought that Amber had it all wrong.  But after looking through them a couple more times, I don't think she's completely blown it.  I get that she wants to be different with the hat - why else would you wear a hat like that in public if you weren't vying for attention or just generally a little cray cray (I have been so wanting to use that phrase for such a long time!).  I really like the dress - just not the length.  With the hem length just above her knees, it makes her legs look really short and stubby.  Especially since she's teamed it with flat canvas shoes.  I totes (had to do it...makes me feel younger heh heh) understand wanting to wear comfortable, flat shoes.  Aside from that, I love the dress - the style is really flattering and it looks so cute with the little denim jacket.  I would like to wear a non-maternity version of this dress and jacket. 


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