Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I apologise in advance for the harshness of this post - the mini heat wave we are having here is making my blood boil....

Some photographs of billionaire('s daughter) Petra Ecclestone celebrating her 24th birthday.  I just read that her wedding cost in the region of 12 million pounds and she purchased a mansion in LA for $50 million plus.  I guess that is why she is having babies at 24 years old.  What else is there to do?

Grossly expensive and OTT wedding - check
True love ahem - check
$50M mansion that 'still needs work' - check

Anyway this blog is not meant to be a bitch fest about glamorous, rich, never had to work for it, celebrity lives.  Nope it is about their gorgeous and sometimes hideous fashion choices.  I've been struggling to find recent celebrity bump fashions that I actually really like.  So this is another 'I don't like it' blog post.

So, Petra decides to wear a snake-print maxi to dinner.  Bad choice.  It looks like some candy coloured boa constrictor has swallowed her (probably) yappy, white, over-indulged lap dog called Princess Boo Bah.

The whole photo screams makeover to me.  For both of them.  Is anyone else having a hard time not looking at Tamara's chest?  I want to reach into the photo and lay a stack of books of top of those things and push them down to a more normal position.  No-one should have that much horizontal cleavage.  No-one. 

It's a pity that Petra is dressed like this.  I mean, she really does have a skinny body, even in pregnancy - a body that has so many options available for dressing it.  That dress in a fabric that is less 'spray-on' and in a different colour could lift it out of 'trailer trash won the lotto' look to 'billionaire's daughter splashes her Daddy's cash' look.

Today's heat wave is really getting under my skin, isn't it? 


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