Friday, February 22, 2013

So I'll get to what Kim said about why she dresses like she does, but first I wanted to go through this outfit - a simple black and white shift with asymmetrical hemline, white stilettos, black clutch and black leather cuff. Hairstyle is quite severe with a centre part and very slick bun. There's more than a hint of colour with the bright red lipstick.

I think that the dress is lovely - but better suited on someone taller and thinner like Miranda Kerr.  From a side view, this dress dwarfs her shape and gives no definition to her bump - which makes her look bigger.  Her pregnancy style is getting better, but it's still no Jessica Alba.

Now, onto that interview with Us Weekly where Kim says "I dress for my man way more than for myself.  He (Kanye) likes cool, drapey things. Very casual'.

Hmmm, aside from a couple of days of Oxford shirts and black pants, I really haven't seen anything cool and drapey or casual on Kim for a long time.  I miss the old Kim - the one where I wanted to look like she did in dress.  Like this one.


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