Friday, February 22, 2013

Kim Kardashian is photographed practically every single day of her life. Just imagine that for a minute. Need to step out to get the groceries and you're having a fat day - snap. Heading home from the gym all hot and sweaty - snap.  Carrying your child and your dress rides up your thighs - snap (that's me by the way).

So it's obvious that there's going to be an unflattering angle or two.  I did an earlier post today of Kim Kardashian dressed in this black and white dress and honestly, although it suited a taller, thinner figure, it didn't look too bad.

Then these photographs came in and it just goes to show you that the old adage is true - wearing floaty, flowing pregnancy wear (or the old tent style) is so unflattering! Especially when you look at the photo straight under here - even though the dress is too tight (in my opinion), it looks much better than the first photograph.


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