Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hilaria Thomas reminds me of a girl (call her S) that I went to uni with. I used to say that she had 'bird bones' meaning a very small frame and what seemed like hollow limbs.  Twice a year we had a pub crawl and we would go searching through op-shops to find an outfit.  One year I found a shirt that I had to have.  I was feeling very good about myself because I was fit, healthy and very lean (I was a runner). So I pulled this top off the rack and slipped it on.  I asked my friend to help me button it up and the bloody thing didn't fit me!  So I put it back on the rack and found something else to wear.

Later that night, after a few beers (we were uni students, it was cheap), I saw S and, you guessed it, she was wearing the shirt, my shirt!  How did this make me feel bad?  S had a good rack on her.  And she still was able to wear this shirt.  Her frame was tiny.  She wasn't one of these 'turn sideways and you can't see them' girls either.

So now when I'm looking at these photographs of Hilaria, I'm seeing S.  Hilaria is not 'skinny'.  You don't look at her and see an emaciated (former) Nicole Richie-esq figure.  I see bird bones. Hilaria is a yoga instructor which has given her a very toned figure but she also has genetics in play that means that she will always look tiny.

The dress she is wearing is very flattering for her figure.  It shows off her tiny frame (f*** I sound like Tracy Anderson with freaking teeny tiny).  I'm not sure what material her dress is cut from but it works really well because it has structure as well as flowing over her curves.  The large belt above her bump highlights the distinction between bust and bump and draws attention to the tiniest (eek) part of her torso.  This trick will work for anyone by the way - during pregnancy your new waist is straight under the bust and a belt placed here will highlight it nicely.

Fishnet stockings and stilettos (how she does it?) finish the look, along with subtle makeup.

This look is a winner for me.