Sunday, March 10, 2013

Without resorting to google, I can't tell you anything about Shiri Appleby - other than she looks really cute in her red carpet dress.  It's quite a simple style - maxi dress with sheer shoulder cutouts with a vneck and a cinched waist.  But sometimes it is the simplest of styles that look the best and this is definitely a great look.

My favourite elements of this dress are the vneck and the cinched waist.  If you are ever (haha) feeling fat and bloated during your pregnancy, a good tip to help you look (and feel) slimmer is to highlight and emphasis the smallest part of your body, which is your new waistline - directly under your chest.  Shiri's dress is cinched at this part of her body and then flows over her bump, creating the most beautiful silhouette.


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