Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I've blogged about many pregnant models before - they usually all have skinny pregnancies (due to genes or workouts and diets, I'm not sure) and generally look amazing throughout their entire pregnancy.

It looks like Aussie model, Megan Gale, is following the same formula for her pregnancy.  Here she is photographed attending the Australian Open tennis with her partner, AFL football player Shaun Hamspon.  He's 25, she is 38.  Go Megan!  In a recent interview, Megan said that she knew early on that Shaun would be the father of her children and that while most men Shaun's age aren't ready to take on fatherhood, he was different.

Wearing the pregnancy must-have maxi dress, Megan looks effortlessly beautiful.  The front cross over straps add a new detail to an otherwise stock standard maxi dress.  If you would like to add a maxi dress to your pregnancy collection, below are some of the best sellers on Amazon.


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