Thursday, December 13, 2012

I have to admit, when I first saw these photos of Busy Philipps I thought 'blech' and then I thought of the late Anna Nicole Smith.  Yeah, the bleached blonde hair and the round face really screamed mutton to me.  Too harsh? 

The pops of red are about the only things I really like about this look.  I mean, the cut of the dress is really unflattering.  The high neck with the ruffles on the shoulders (WTF) and the keyhole 'cleavage' cutout in the front makes her look chubby up top - not from the front on picture.  But side profile picture, when she's clearly not working the camera.  Then the chub-look emerges.

The red belt - which I love by the way - but I don't love where it is fitted.  It should be higher - almost under her t1ts (I had a moment of panic writing t1ts.  Should I have been more anatomically correct  and used breasts?).  Anyway, that belt gives her a muffin the most awkward of places.  Speaking of awkward, Busy is at that stage of pregnancy where it is better to accentuate the roundness of the bump.  Otherwise it is hard to make a call on whether she is pregnant or is just enjoying her food a little too much.  And the awkwardness is for the rest of us that don't know she is pregnant.  Who wants to say congratulations to someone only to have them look at you with confusion in their eyes or burst out crying because you called them fat.  The belt about the bump would totally fix that. 

Get This Look (or not) follows the photos of Busy. 

Get This Look

So now that I've totally picked apart her look, let me show you what I think would have looked much better and more flattering on her but still staying kinda true to the style. 

This v-necked, black dress from Three Seasons Maternity is an affordable, more flattering style and can be paired with a skinny red belt and red heels. 


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