Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Colombian singer, Shakira, with just weeks to go, was photographed heading off to the studio in Spain.  I have always thought that tight leather pants were a hard look to pull off, especially when you are only short like Shakira.  Kim K is a big fan of the leather look and sometimes she just gets it all wrong.

Although I do love those red heels.

Back to Shakira.  Has she pulled off this look?  Sort of.  Her legs are thin and toned enough to work with the leather pants.  Especially in the photo below, you can really see that she has continued to work out during her pregnancy because her legs look incredible. 

The black jacket with fur trim and leather arms is probably keeping her nice and warm in her dash from the car to the studio.  But it is doing nothing for her, fashion wise.  It is a strange combination of textiles - leather arms, fur trim and a material body.  It looks better when it is zipped up (in the photo below).  For me, the worst photo is the second from the bottom - where the jacket is unzipped.  It looks so messy and the bag adds bulk and clutter to the overall look. 

As a last note - how amazing does Shakira's skin look?  Even without makeup.  Sure she looks tired but she still looks so youthful - even though this term is waaaaaay overused - she is blooming! 


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