Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Former Big Brother contestant and Welsh model, Imogen Thomas, strips off for her obligatory nude photo shoot.  There have been a lot of these lately - Shakira, Nell McAndrews and Holly Madison.

I haven't followed Imogen's pregnancy because I didn't particularly like her dress style.  But here she is, sans clothes, and she looks pretty good.  She has been talking a lot lately about how she feels upset over her pregnant body with her weight going from 57kg to 70kg.  That's a 13kg increase - within the recommended weight gain.  Especially since she was so tiny to begin with.

Even though these photographs look heavily photoshopped - she still looks pretty good to me.  She probably could have said no to the sitting down pose directly below - a little too crass I think.  Plus her belly button looks way photoshopped!


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