Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nell McAndrew, super fit mom, is in the news again - this time fully naked and showing off her trim pregnancy body.  You guys seemed to love my other post about Nell and her exercise regime, so here are some tidbits from her interview with Now Magazine.

Regarding her pregnancy exercise regime, running six miles a day and attending the gym twice a week: "It doesn't sound like a lot to me because I used to run up to 90 miles a week when I was marathon training. 'But some people who saw me out running would stop me and say, "Should you be doing that in your condition?" and there was online comments about me being selfish towards my baby. I've done a lot of research and it's proven that exercise, if you're already used to it, is really beneficial for the health of your baby."

Admits that she is 'incredibly proud' of her nude photo shoot.

She does look amazing - especially for a 39 year old mother-of-one.  She is 7 months pregnant in the nude photo shoot.

Here's another photograph of her out on her daily run.


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