Wednesday, January 23, 2013

These photographs of Kim Kardashian are proof that the camera can lie!  In the first two photographs, Kim looks so old and not her usual beautiful self.  Then, in the third and fourth photo, she looks really youthful and pretty.  It may be because of the lighting?  The photographs where she looks old have been taken outside, whereas the young photos have been taken inside.

On to what she is wearing....hmmm.  I've been reading a lot on how to style a curvy petite (I'm currently a fat petite!), and turtlenecks are not flattering which is totally obvious from these photographs.  The turtleneck is wrong for so many reasons - we can't see the elongation of Kim's neck and when combined with the high waisted pants, it makes her b00bs look like they sit around her knees. It's not a good look.

Imagine how much better this look could have been with a white scooped or v-necked top.  Because really, aside from the turtleneck, this was a really flattering and lovely outfit.  Kim is finally wearing a jacket or coat the way it should be worn - not just hanging on her shoulders.  The pants are a good length and those shoes are gorgeous.  The leather gloves add sophistication.

Overall, it is an improvement.  Just a tweak here and here and she would have been chic.


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