Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jenny Frost is around 33/34 weeks pregnant in this photograph.  Obviously.  If it wasn't for the huge pregnant baby bump that is front and centre, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at a men's magazine.  This is truly a photograph that I despise.  Why?  Because it is trying to be 's3xy'...seriously, why do pregnant celebrities feel the need to 's3x up' their pregnancies.  Really, the knee high socks and the over exposed chest are too much for my eyes and brain to handle.

Being pregnant doesn't have to mean dowdy.  Or boring.  But it equally doesn't have to smack you in the face with women desperately trying to hang onto the 'I may be pregnant but I'm still damn attractive'.  Yes, yes you are.  We can see that.  We just don't need to see all that.


  1. Jenny frost looks to skinny to b pregnant with twins. And she's surprise that they were born tiny. And early. Each babies were rumored to have born just over 1 kg a baby.

  2. Hey there, thanks for reading! Yea, that does sound so tiny, hope that they are doing okay.