Thursday, January 17, 2013

This is so not a good look for Jessica Simpson.  We've already dealt with the no-where-to-go-but-up cleavage on her recent Hawaiian vacation.  And now on The Late Show, she has left nothing to the imagination with an animal print bodycon dress.  Add the over-processed, too-white hair and fake brown tan - it's like I'm looking at a really, really bad Dolly Parton redo.

Jessica looks much better, much cuter, when she is more natural.  I'd love to see her without the forced, styled curls; without the fake tan, without the over-processed hair.  Maybe a similar shade to Jennifer Aniston's hair colour?  Swap out the bodycon dress for something that doesn't reveal so much cleavage.  She could look like the billion bucks that she is apparently worth.

This look makes her look old and strange looking.


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