Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How hard could it be to dress a barely-there pregnant bump?  If you look at Kim Kardashian's history of maternity dressing, well, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a near impossible task, right? Well, finding clothes to fit your bump is not hard at all, but choosing clothes that make you look pregnant, instead of fat, can be difficult.

I've been on celebrity bump watch for 1.5 years now and I've seen the good and the bad.  Kim Kardashian has seen more bad than good but she has shown some promise with outfits like this, this and this.

The Good

Kim jetted back into LA today wearing a white scoop top, layered under a white jacket.  She teamed this with black trousers with a sheer side cutout, white chain sandals, a black handbag and sunglasses.  There is a lot of good about this outfit. The scoop necked shirt is perfect to add length for a short petite frame and the the layering of white on white looks crisp and cool.  The white sandals with gold chain accent are really cute and tie in nicely to the overall look.

The Bad

There's a couple of minor improvements that Kim could have made that would have totally made this look.  Black trousers are a pregnancy staple, a must have item that can be paired with a huge range of tops, jackets and cardigans to create so many different looks.  But for this to work, the black trousers should be classic - skinny leg if you can get away with it, otherwise a narrow or boot leg works well.  Never wear wide leg trousers as they will make you look huge.  Kim's choice of black trousers doesn't work not only because of the sheer side panel (bleech) but also because of the material and cut of the pants.  The material (satin or silk?) is not a poor choice, but it's a poor choice because of the cut of the trousers.  They don't fit well and look gathered in places.

The second mistake that Kim made was to tuck her top into pants.  A big no no when you are pregnant!  It just doesn't look good, ever.  It's much better to layer your look (like Kim has done) with a tank top or cami that doesn't not get tucked in.  Just make sure that it is not too long and don't pull it over your backside, unless you like looking bigger than you are.

Improvement...Yes.  Chic....not yet

So Kim Kardashian hasn't yet won me over for her sense of maternity style.  But there have been glimpses of chicness.  There are many more months of pregnancy remaining for Kim so hopefully she'll  continue to embrace her curves and flatter them with the right choice of clothing.

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