Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jessica Simpson side profile

What a turnaround from the depths of despair in Jessica Simpson's first pregnancy.  She is vibrant and has been working hard on staying a healthy weight this time around.

While I don't particularly like Jessica Simpson's style - the big, blonde bleached hair screams at me - I do like the way that she looks in these photographs.  She's dressed very simply in a black leggings, black stilettos, very low cut black top and a pastel pink jacket.  She's accessorised with two delicate gold chains and a gold clutch.

What works

Colour - Jessica looks good in pink.  It goes with the blonde hair.  She's kept her makeup very light and added a gorgeous pastel pink lipstick.

Those leggings - wow!  She's really been working hard at maintaining her weight this pregnancy.  Her legs are strong and toned and the leggings end at the smallest part of her legs - her ankles - streamlining her whole look.

The jacket.  Personally, not my taste.  But it suits her.  It's cut to a nice length just above the widest part of her hips.

What Isn't Working

That hair!  I would LOVE to see Jessica return to a more natural colour.  Holly Madison did it and her hair looked gorgeous with natural honey tones.  Jessica's hair needs rescuing.  It's been dyed to death.  I also would like to pull it all back into a sleek ponytail for a change and get the mop off her shoulders.  Remember when she had that really short bob many years ago?  It was a great look on her.

That top.  It's too low cut in my opinion.  If your girls are that big (and they will get bigger) then your usual low cut tops aren't going to work.  While she definitely shouldn't go for a turtleneck, which will make her b00bs look watermelon sized, she should go for something that has a higher neckline.  And then put her hair up in a ponytail and add some biggish earrings to pull our eyes up to her gorgeous face.

ps. I'm just in love with the first picture (above) and that little bump sticking out.  It is beautiful :)

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson


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