Saturday, February 2, 2013

Somebody help me out here, please.  How does Kim exercise with such limited chest support?  Isn't she worried about her post-pregnancy b00bs looking like golf balls in long socks?  I guess the difference between her and me is that she has the money for plastic surgery and isn't crazy scared of having it done.

Maybe she isn't doing any medium or high impact exercises, like running or even walking?  But that doesn't make sense if she is working with Tracy Anderson, because, that woman is a maniac.  I have one of her dvds and despite the fact that you to have an advanced degree in choreography, she's bouncing all over the place like the little energiser bunny that she looks like (too cruel, I'm just totally jealous of her teeny tiny body).

So is Kim's outfit just for the paps?  A cute gym outfit to be photographed in and when she gets inside she changes into a bandage like steel contraption that keeps those babies safe?

Ps I'm sure she's is hating the photograph below taken from the rear end.  It does make her look huge and I (still) don't think that she is that big.


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