Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just as I started to write this blog post, Kim tweeted that she had arrived in Nigeria.  These photographs where taken of Kim on her way to the airport - hence the more comfortable clothes?

Kim's outfit today could easily be converted (by the rest of us) into part of a chic work wardrobe by swapping the leggings for a pair of black trousers (non-maternity if you can get away with it) and a pair of heels or flats.

The non-fitted (yea!) shirt that Kim is wearing is gorgeous and is a lovely cut for pregnancy with the 'structure' in the bust area and the flowing material around her waist / bump.  It also has a cute print with tiny black polka-dots.  The boots are divine, provided you can walk in them. Be careful with high boots or heels ladies - the body does a marvellous job of preparing itself for labour by making your muscles and ligaments all stretchy which means that it is easier (than normal) to trip over in high heels.

Apparently Kim's companion (with the pink glasses) is her long-time friend and makeup artist who travels with Kim (how fortunate for both of them)


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