Friday, March 15, 2013

How cute is Margherita Missoni?  Granddaughter of founders of Italian Missoni fashion house, Margherita has her inherited the sense of style that has made her family rich and famous.

Her dress is absolutely stunning!  I love the pattern design - the way it has small gaps between the pattern at both the top and bottom of the dress and then how the gap widens around the middle.  The dress does the exact opposite of what I thought it would do to her figure.  She looks so slim and has legs that go on for miles.

There is a lot of cleavage showing but it doesn't scream trashy to me - probably because she isn't very large chested to begin with and the jacket pulls some of the focus away from that area.

Can we please talk about that jacket.  It is divine.  It looks like silk and looks very expensive.  I love the white pattern on the right sleeve and the way the material falls and drapes in the front.  It is stunning.

The only negative about her whole look is her hair and makeup.  Her hair looks undone and her makeup looks non-existant.


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