Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sorry I've been MIA this past week. We were celebrating our son's first birthday and our daughter's third birthday and now I'm exhausted!

Anyway, it looks like Jessica Simpson's 'style' is returning to haunt me.  Above is the photograph that Jessica posted on twitter and the photos below are her on a US talk show.

There are three styling mistakes that Jessica has made with this look - and not much to redeem herself with. These are:

- the hair
- the dress
- the matching shoes and lipstick.

The hair

Of everything that I think is wrong with this look, it's the hair that is really killing me.   It is big and horribly styled with the long fringe, loose curls and poof at the back.

Jessica seems to like big hair - she's worn it again and again (okay it's not as bad here) and again.

I like her hair better when it is not styled and 'flat' (by her likely definition). The big hair, in my humble opinion, makes her look trashy and cheap. And older. Much older. And once you're over 25, well you don't want to look older, ever.

The dress

I don't actually have major issues with Jessica's dress, a black body con with lace sleeves. It would be a cute dress on its own. But teamed with the big hair and the matching shoes and lipstick, it is too much. Too much bing ba da boom!

The matching shoes and lipstick

Are we doing this now? Is this a new trend? I thought that matching shoes and handbags was so early 2000's. Have we moved on to matching lipstick and shoes? I would have thought it would be quite difficult to find such a close match of bright, almost neon, purple pink in shoes or lipstick. But I'm not Jessica Simpson.

Final comment

Everything aside, doesn't Jessica look like a hoot in these photographs? I'm guessing this was the interview when she accidentally (on purpose?) told everyone about the weiner inside of her. My husband and I still laugh to this day over the whole 'is it chicken or is it fish' comment on her Newlyweds show. That was gold, people, gold!


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