Sunday, March 17, 2013

These photographs are at least a week old so they've been seen and commented (to death) already around the world.  So I'll keep my two cents short.

I'd like to say 'what was she thinking' but that is probably a little harsh because it's not a complete train wreck.  Finally a flowing dress that doesn't hug every single inch of Kim's body.  Feels good right Kim?

As for the dress itself....the sheerness of the material gives a softness to the look.  I can't love or hate the strip of material running down the centre.  In some photos it looks good, in others, not so.  The jacket / blazer would have looked great it was cropped to where the sleeves end in the photo below.  It is just a little too long otherwise.

I can only ever say good things about Kim's shoes and today is no exception.  I love them.

So from the front on view, this look works (mostly).  It's the side view look that makes me wonder whether she had a good look at every angle in the mirror.  The flowing material, on a side view, makes Kim look bigger than she is.  It doesn't define her shape and there is too much material floating around all over the place.

I'm glad that in more recent photos Kim has started to pin her fringe (bangs?) back. It suits her.


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