Thursday, March 21, 2013

My last post about Lara Stone was less about what she was wearing (she was wearing sweats while walking the dog) and more about her lifestyle and in particular the confession that she doesn't cook but sources her meals from a gorgeous little deli near her house in an exclusive London enclave.

These latest photographs are of Lara and her husband attending the theatre for The Book of Mormon.  She's wearing a white, long-sleeved, very short empire dress.   In all of her other photographs (while pregnant), I'd never noticed how long and skinny her legs are.  Duh, she is a supermodel.  That kinda goes with the territory.

What do you think about Lara's hosiery?  My first impression was that they were too sheer - that she would have been better off not wearing any at all.  But I've had these photographs for a few days (work has been keeping me busy) and have started to write this post a few times -- so now I am sort of warming up to them.


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