Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yesterday I posted a massive post titled Secrets of Hollywood A-Listers: How to Wear a Maxi Dress while Pregnant.  It is a complete guide to show you how the celebs dress their bumps in maxi dress and why they always look so good.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum was featured in this post and for good reason.  She really know how to dress her bump and look fabulous all of the time.  These photographs are no exception.

I love what Jenna has done with this outfit.  She's taken a maxi-dress and transformed it into casual chic day wear.  Here's how she did it:

  • Jenna's maxi-dress is a blank canvas as it is a solid neutral colour in chocolate brown.  Solid neutral colours are a great base and by adding a jacket, the look can be transformed from day to night.  
  • The very low v-neck is still relatively modest and by showing some skin, it makes Jenna look taller and leaner.  
  • The dress has an empire waistline (meaning that it is fitted just under the bust and flows over the bump) which is a very flattering style during pregnancy as it emphasises the smallest part of your waist (your 'new waist').  
  • The body of the dress is very voluminous - probably the only thing that I would change.  I think that Jenna could have had a few inches taken off the bottom to stop it from touching the ground when she walks.  But as her pregnancy progresses, her bump will protrude more and the dress will get shorter.  
  • The denim jacket is not a maternity jacket but Jenna is still able to wear it by leaving it unbuttoned.  This is a great way to extend the life of your non-maternity wardrobe well into your pregnancy.  
  • The denim jacket also dresses down the look - making it suitable for daytime casual wear.  This look could easily be transformed to nighttime wear by adding a black bolero jacket or even a black leather jacket or blazer.  
  • Jenna has kept the accessories very simple with a delicate gold necklace and an oversized black bag.  In the summertime, you could swap the denim jacket for a chunky, beaded necklace.  
  • Jenna has completed the look with a pair of (really high) wedge shoes. 
So there you have it - another chic look from Jenna.  Don't you wish that you had her pregnancy wardrobe?


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