Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dancing with the Stars professional, Anna Trebunskaya, was photographed in Cancun Mexico in December 2013.  She has announced to People magazine that she is expecting a baby girl - due in February 2014.

Like many others before her (including Penelope Cruz, Kim Kardashian, Colleen Rooney, Holly Madison, Gisele, Jenny Frost (with twins), Beyonce and (in one of this blog's most popular posts) Nell McAndrew), Anna is not afraid to show off her fabulous bump in a green bikini.  And, if you looked liked that, well why wouldn't you!

Looking for some swimwear ideas?


  1. I just LOVE it when an adorable pregnant woman puts on a teeny weeny two-piece bikini,has a big smile(almost naughty like)on her face and walks around strutting her stuff!!!!!YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. While I'm really not familiar with this particular star,I am very familiar with what a BEAUTIFUL pregnant body in a teeny weeny two-piece bikini looks like!!!And to top it all off she has an outie bellybutton which makes her pregnant belly all the more appealing and pleasing to look at.