Friday, January 4, 2013

I choked on my tea when I saw these photographs of Nell McAndrew.  She's 39 years old, 28 weeks pregnant and has created a range of fitness dvds over the years and before falling pregnant used to run 90 miles a week.  Now she runs six miles a day and heads off to the gym twice a week.  And you can totally tell.  I hope that her pelvic floor is doing okay - this may be an old wives tale, but I thought that running put pressure on the pelvic floor muscles leading to a constant need to cross your legs when you are older?

Can we talk about what she is wearing?  The bikini is cute from a distance but the close up shot above reveals some awful accessory on the front and it doesn't look like it's doing a good job of keeping those charlies in check.  I think a one piece, halter neck would take some attention away from the bump and focus on those amazing legs.

What do you think?  Is it better to keep the bump covered by a one piece or should we just let it all out?

Here's an alternative to the bikini if you are looking for something to wear while pregnant without exposing so much skin!


  1. You mean "inspiring", not "aspiring". And yes, it is inspiring, she looks great. I know it's easier when you don't have to work, are already very fit, and have massive piles of money, but it seems a lot of women see pregnancy as this time when you just inevitably get fat (and often never lose the weight afterwards).

    Clearly not every woman can look like Nell, but perhaps more should ASPIRE to be as fit and healthy as possible, during and after their pregnancy. Fat parents have fat kids, it's true. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

  2. Hey thanks for your comment. She definitely looks great. It is important to eat well during pregnancy - both for yourself and your baby. And yes, we should aspire to be as fit and healthy as possible, pregnancy or no pregnancy. Have a great day!