Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I can still remember when I first heard about Katie Piper.  Foxtel were showing a documentary about her injury and her slow and painful recovery.  I was first interested because it was a story about a beautiful young lady who was horribly disfigured by her at-the-time boyfriend when he threw acid in her face.  Watching the documentary, I was inspired by Katie's determination to get better, even in the face of fear.  Since then, I've watched Katie embrace her new self and to make something worthwhile from a terrible event.

In a recent interview Katie said:

'This is the start of a whole new life.The other night I was at a charity ball and everyone I met wanted to talk to me about the baby, not about my burns and recovery. I thought, "Hallelujah".
There was no doubt that Katie was going to have a chic looking pregnancy.  She is dressed in a midnight blue dress with a flattering band around the waist.

She tweeted: 'This Baby is getting so strong it nearly pushes my hand off when I rest it on the bump! No more spinach for you missy!' Before adding: 'Constantly hungry! Have just brought a sandwich so I will have something to eat before dinner!!! Third trimester sending me crazy!'

Update to this story - Katie Piper and her partner James welcomed their daughter Belle on 14 March 2014.


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