Friday, December 7, 2012

So it is more than a little unfair to compare Gisele's body with Jessica Simpson's....or anyone's, really.  Gisele is a supermodel.  The rest of us aren't.  Gisele has legs that go up to her armpits.  The rest of us don't.  What I'm actually comparing is the type of clothing that Jessica wore during her pregnancy with what Gisele has worn during hers. 

Can't remember, or don't want to, what Jessica wore during her pregnancy?  As this blog is mostly about fashion wins, I don't have a lot of photos of Jess, but who can forget the ugg boots with the tracksuit paints with the tartan jacket with the scarf and messy hair

So now that we've revisited that horror fashion moment, consider this.  Jessica Simpson has made millions and millions of dollars with her fashion label.  She has access to stylists and personal shoppers.  She doesn't need to look like a hobo.  Sure, she isn't genetically gifted like Gisele, but most people aren't!  Gisele definitely dresses to her strengths - those daisy dukes show off her long, toned legs (she's definitely been keeping up with her fitness routine).  With news that Jessica is pregnant again, here's hoping that she shows off her assets this time (and I don't mean flashing those puppies in low cut tops).


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