Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Despite her fame and fortune, I would not like to be Kim Kardashian.  I'm more of a private person and would hate to be photographed every single time I stepped out of my house; to have my clothing choices critiqued by the world; my broken down marriage criticised and ridiculed; and my pregnancy on the global radar.  It would be a lot to deal with.  But, Kim has made these choices and, whether you like it or not, the world has also chosen to make her a celebrity.

It would be so easy for me to turn this blog post (and every single one about Kim) into a nasty, horrid attack on her and her family.  But I don't want to hate on Kim.  I've never met her and I would be upset if someone passed judgement on my character without knowing me.

What I will do though it comment on her clothes and makeup and whether I think that they are a good or bad fashion choice.

As for her body - well it's going to get bigger.  Kim is not of the 'normal' celebrity body type.  You know the type that falls pregnant, has a small bump and is back into their pre-pregnancy skinny jeans in two weeks - with the world media falling at their feet exclaiming how gifted and amazing they are to have lost their baby weight so quickly.  Honestly, it puts so much pressure on the rest of us to at least  'snap back' to our pre-pregnancy weight quickly.  That's not always an easy thing to do.  There's enough pressure having a newborn (especially if it is your first) without having to worry about losing weight too quickly.

So I'm hoping that Kim will be an inspiration to those of us who don't (or didn't) have a skinny pregnancy.  Those of us who had curves, who have a rear end. But, before that happens, Kim is probably going to need to hire a stylist or stop taking fashion advice from Kanye.

So onto the monstrosity of a dress that Kim wore recently.  A blue bodycon dress with a cut out in the front, black pumps and a black jacket.

I love the jacket and shoes - I want the jacket and shoes.  They are great wardrobe staples and combination pieces and would look great with so many clothes - skinny jeans, maxi dresses for  example.

What isn't good is the dress.  For starters, it is a bodycon dress.  This dress is not forgiving.  Not at all.  Even if you are wearing spanx (like Kim is) it is so figure hugging and reveals every single lump and bump and roll.  Unless you are model thin, this is probably not the style of dress for you.

The length of the dress is the other problem that I have with this look.  It makes Kim look dumpy.  She would look much better in something slightly above the knee or something that is floor length.

So let's discuss the cut out - the feature that has made this dress speak trash.  Imagine this dress without the revealing cut out and a higher neckline - maybe a tank top or cowl neck neckline.  Yes the dress would still be a bodycon dress and the wrong length but it would no longer scream trashy.  It would probably even be passable (just).

So here's hoping that Kim gets her act together and starts to show us how to be pregnancy chic!

Agree or disagree with anything I've had to say?  Why not tell me about it in the comments section.


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