Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm not going to hate on Kim Kardashian.  There are plenty of people out there that want to do that.  In many ways it is admirable that this family has been able to convince Americans to open their wallets for them (over and over again).

So no hate, but what I am going to say is that Kim needs a stylist. This look is wrong in so many ways. The most monumental error - that sheer blouse.  Why is she wearing it?  It is to show to everyone that she is still maintaining her hourglass figure, even in early pregnancy?  If it is, it's not working.  It's like that peplum skirt she wore a few weeks ago - when combined with the tight black pencil skirt, it shows off a small roll of fat.  A roll of fat that would be hidden with an opaque blouse.  As if that isn't embarrassing enough, the sheer also makes her cleavage look strange.  Making her look more top heavy.

The skirt and jacket by themselves are okay.  I'm not that keen on the scarf but I think that it is all because of that stupid sheer blouse.

The shoes are amazing!  I love them.  Are they are little too tight though?

Finally, Kim's makeup is horrid.  The foundation is too yellowed or tanned or something.  I just want to reach into my bag, pull out the baby wipes and give her face a good wiping over and then start again with minimal, light foundation.  Clean looking. Fresh looking.

Kim is fast becoming the Jessica Simpson of 2011/12.


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