Saturday, February 23, 2013

Peaches Geldof has had a gorgeous pregnancy.  She's been a little on the thin side, in my opinion but her styling has been spot on.

Speaking at London Fashion Week, Peaches gave the following advice:

"I still fit into a size eight. It's weird because my body is still thin but I have this big bowling ball on my tummy. 

Everything actually fits but I just have to get my husband to help me get the zipper up at the back. 

I don't find it difficult and I don't wear maternity wear anyway. I wear maternity leggings but I just buy clothes a size up. 

That's what I think all pregnant women should do - just buy a size up, don't buy cr**py maternity wear."

Bless her, I think that her heart is the right place but seriously, just buy a size up?!  That advice is only good advice for the fortunate few because most of us will not just 'grow a big bowling ball' and have the rest of us remain teeny tiny.  So the idea of just buying one size up is completely and utterly wrong.

Yes there is crappy maternity wear just like there is crappy non-maternity wear.  But designers, department stores and boutiques are (finally) cottoning on the fact that women want to look good when they are pregnant and as a result, there are some great maternity labels out there.  Labels like Isabella Oliver and the more affordable Asos.

Peaches advice is sound for buying things like jackets and cardigans.  You may even get away with buying your normal size and just leaving it unbuttoned or buying an open drape cardigan.  But the most important message is to stay true to your style - like Malin Akerman has continued with her grungy aesthetic.


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