Friday, March 15, 2013

Like most of you, I have no idea how Georgia Dorsett is and once again, I can't be bothered to google her name.

What I can tell you is that she has a banging body.  But she's suffering from the same affliction as Jessica Simpson - the compulsive need to show off her cleavage.  That's what brings this whole look down, waaaaaaay down.

I'm not sure that I really like anything about her look - the colour is eye catching but when teamed with a body con dress that leaves nothing to the imagination and painted on makeup - it leaves me wanting less - wanting to see her dressed in pair of dark skinny jeans, a crisp white v-necked blouse and her gorgeous hair pulled back in a ponytail.  Add some suede brown booties, a statement necklace and minimal makeup.  That would be a beautiful look.  Not red carpet, but soooo much better.


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